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Information Tech Consultancy

A good business is defined by the quality of its people and the ability to use information technology in the most efficient way, so that you can reach all your goals. Outsource your IT and let us advise your organization on how to source, utilize and manage IT resources that can help you hit your major milestones.

Network Consultancy

The core of your business is infrastructure. And infrastructure is the one that helps your business deliver a service to clients, end users, employees. Through our network consultancy service, we help you identify what your business needs are and then tailor them to perfectly fit your organizational requirements.

Computer System Consultancy

Our team of experts will analyze your company’s needs, and properly advise you on what technology is best to implement to upgrade your business and increase your efficiency. From internet, workstation and networks to hardware and software needs, we will give you a full list of tools your business could benefit from.

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We start by analyzing your daily company’s activity, your employees need in terms of technology that can increase their efficiency, and your goals in terms of business success. After gathering this information, we can move forward with a strategy regarding tech infrastructure that you may benefit from.


LThe next step in our consultancy process is strategizing. We know what your needs and expectations are, and we want to offer you the right solutions that can help you increase your capabilities, workflow and general satisfaction. Our strategy consists in information technology, software, hardware and any other app or tool that may help you thrive.


We’re not letting you alone in this. Our multidisciplinary team of highly trained experts are here to implement the solutions we’ve found to be efficient for your business. The implementation stage consists in making all the tools work for you and training you and your employees on how to best use them to get maximum success.


Problems may occur all the time. Maybe you have troubles navigating one of our suggested solutions, or maybe one tool has become outdated in time for you and needs an upgrade. Either way, we are here to offer you support. We have a dedicated team that is available for you, to guide and help you overcome any roadblocks that may appear.

What we do

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CIT Consultancy

Working with an information technology consultant helps you understand what the IT requirements of your organization are, what solutions you could use to make things work, supervises the implementation and the change management process.

Cloud computing

Moving to cloud helps businesses reduce costs, be more flexible in the services they provide, and increase their overall performance. Companies are now guided into cloud computing, by getting access to a mix of multi-cloud, private cloud, and public cloud.

Modern software apps

In the new digital era leaving the outdated legacy systems behind and going for a modernized business app architecture is a must. But don’t not fall for what’s trending in terms of software and choose instead those apps that are scalable, manageable, and secured.

Digital workspace

The WHM (work-from-home) model has created the need for digital workspace solutions, cloud-based, that allow employees access to important software applications. The cloud-based digital workspaces are supporting employees do their daily tasks, no matter their location.

CRM software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is another example of a tool that can be useful because it allows you as a business to manage accounts and sales opportunities. With the proper guidance from a consultancy company, you can choose the right solution for you.

Remote access systems

With WFH employees need technological solutions that allow them to connect to a computer from anywhere if they need to access a certain file or application. The remote access systems is another example of solution that an IT consultant can help you choose for your business.

Business system integration

Choose us as your IT consultancy team and we will advise you on what systems and solutions are the most efficient for you, helping you boost your sales and automate your processes. Our consultancy is fully customizable and includes the configuration and installation process.

Network consulting service

We help you find, customize, and deliver the right type of infrastructure and cloud solutions that will take your business to the next level. And as a plus, we help you identify all potential weak points and vulnerabilities, that can negatively impact your business in the future.


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